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The Best of the Geto Boys – #ClassicWednesdays 11am


#ClassicWednesday Pick of the Week – THE BEST OF THE GETO BOYS at 11am on Optimo Radio www.OptimoRadio.com Watch the Geto Boys on Unsung tonight at 7pm cst on TVONE

Houston Rap Book – By Peter Beste & Lance Scott Walker

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The long awaited, Houston Rap Book, by our good friends, Peter Beste & Lance Scott Walker, is available for preorder now! This book IS the Houston Rap Scene and anyone who loves Texas rap should have this in their possession. Click the image below to Pre-Order!!   “This book defines Houston hip-hop!” – Bun B. “I love it!” – Sarah / colette   “As far as ‘Books’ is concerned you have put Houston on tha map! It’s like Church’s Chicken… YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!!!” – Dope E. ABOUT THE BOOK: People ain’t been educated on fightin’ back unless it’s some street shit, like fighting your neighbors or beating up… fighting your family members, killing your best…

5th Ward – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

5th Ward - Soundtrack Vol.1 (1997) front

#ClassicWednesdays Pick of the Week, the super underground soundtrack to 5th Ward, a movie that came out in 1997, while it did not get nationwide acclaim, its soundtrack found its way into the tape decks of all those who were in the know. It features classics from DJ Screw Al-D and Grace, Street Military, Botany Boys, Lil Keke, Willie D and many more H-Town Legends. Hear it here, only on Optimo Radio. Where we play the realest shit outta Texas. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive