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Worldwide – Gimme All That

worldwide gimme all that

The homie Worldwide reppin San Antonio is one of our favorite artists out of Texas. His beat selection and melodic flow gets him a pass in any neighborhood stereo across the planet, consistenly comin’ with it when it comes to the bars, you can’t help but say, Gimme All That when ya hit his soundcloud. Gimme All That is his latest single, produced by Murk Russell is a sure fire banga to close out the end of the summer with. The slow syrupy sounds reminds you of riding around in the car in South Texas tryin to score some shit. Oh lawd knows, I been there many a times. Shits timeless son. Timeless crew. Goin…

Pimp C & Fat Pat Tribute All Day


Dec 4th is #FatPat bday and the day we lost #PimpC. Tune in to #OptimoRadio for an all day tribute to two of our brightest stars. Www.OptimoRadio.com #IfItAintLocalItAintLive #RIPPimpC #RIPFatPat Listen on your android with our own app http://tiny.cc/optimoandroid or you can get the TuneIn app for iPhones

Happy June 27th!!! 24 Hour DJ Screw Mix Tune In Now

dj screw demo al d

It’s Screwston’s own holiday, Big DeMo’s Bday, June 27th. For those that are confused, June 27th is Big DeMo’s BDay, he brought together everyone who was on the classic grey tape that came out in ’96. As the years went on, and after we lost Screw, June 27th began to find itself as an unofficial holiday for us Screw heads. As the years went on it solidified into a date that we can all get around and celebrate the movement that Screwed the world, started by the man himself DJ Screw. So in honor of DJ Screw we are playing nothin but that Screw for 24 hours straight on Optimo Radio. Tune in here on…