K-Rino – Don’t Stop (Official Music Video)

KRino dont stop screenshot

The Wizard always keeps it real, and doesn’t stop on the new video for his song, Don’t Stop. Great inspirational story and song, giving people hope in hard times and as always, supreme lyricism. Filmed by DJ Wrekk last summer, glad we got to get this one out to the people. Glad to of been a part of this video, and shoutout to the whole South Park Coalition! Enjoy! Make sure to get K-Rinos latest albums at www.SouthParkCoalition.us

Friday Eve – 3 Year Anniversary


Tonight on Optimo Radio we celebrate 3 years strong of Friday Eve w/ Justice Allah. We’ve been bringin the real deal to the people, removing the coverage off the news coverage, giving ya the news you can use. We look back at some of our best segments and guests, discussing our past clips. Should be a good time! Make sure to support Justice Allah and get all his music at www.The144Elite.net

Classic Wednesdays on Optimo Radio


This week’s #ClassicWedneday Picks of the Week are the South Park Mexican with one of his most successful albums, Hustle Town, followed immediately by K-Rino’s The Hit List. Make sure to support the artist and buy the albums. Amazon Itunes or www.sosouth.com Order directly from K-Rino at http://southparkcoalition.webs.com K-Rino is droppin 2 new albums in September, TheRAPeutic and Plantation Rebellion proving once again, no one can do it like the Wizard!! Free SPM!!

Soul Sundays 9am – 3pm


Tune in and get yo soul right, Soul Sundays, hosted by Justice All Ah plays all the best classic soul n funk ensuring you a soulful good time to get your week started off right. Hear where many of our favorite songs got their samples from too, bringin ya all the hits…. Only on Optimo Radio www.OptimoRadio.com

Justice All Ah – Growing Too Fast

justice allah growing too fast

The brand new video from Justice All Ah is here! Growing Too Fast, a single off the F.T.H. album Justice goes in deep and tells 3 stories of people going through life, making choices, mistakes, and accomplishments. These stories all differ but tie in to an introspective look into oneself and our society, and makes us ask the question…. Are we Growing Too Fast?? Ren X directed this video and I’m happy to played a role in it, Ram Zimmeram, as we dubbed it lol. Make sure to support Justice and pick up all his music at The 144 Elite website. Catch Justice live every what used to known as Thursday, now known as Friday Eve at…

Friday Eve – The Mis-Leaders


Tonight on Friday Eve w/ Justice Allah we discuss the so called leaders our media and society presents us and shows how they mislead the public in a direction away from one that is positive. Make sure to tune in at 9pm only on Optimo Radio www.OptimoRadio.com Hear all this replay on Saturday Replay  and more by clicking Optimo Radio On Demand

PSK-13 – 13 Wayz


Make sure to grab the new PSK album Thirteen Ways, it just dropped on SoSouth.com today! Here’s the link www.SoSouth.com Support the SPC!!  

Artists You Better Know! w/ Conflict – K-Rino

You might know him as The Legend.. You might have heard him called The Wizard.. Ultimately you KNOW him as K-Rino. The ridiculously talented founder of South Park Coalition.. Known and acknowledged as one of the best lyricists, ever.. K-Rino is also one of the most humble people you’ll ever know.. I first met him when I worked at Rockin’ Rodeo/Ocean Club as a Doorman/Barback/Dj. I was just starting to rap in front of crowds with my boy ‘Kid’ as Hip Hop Incorporated. We booked Rino for a show, and meeting him was meeting one of my Hip Hop idols.. He was down to earth and actually talked to the artists opening for him and…