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Hungry – Yung Surreal ft. Klondike Kat

Yung Surreal of Hongree Records links up with the SPC Legend Klondike Kat to rep that real street shit, comin raw and from the heart as always. Yung Surreal is the epitome of Hungry. He is a true grinder and is one of our favorite artists to work with. Klondike Kat has been one of our favorite artists since we fell in love with the Houston scene, I’ll never forget the day I got Mobbin Muzik Melodiez, i still know most of the words to that album. Hongree Records and the South Park Coalition are the real Houston. Feel the streets.

Point Blank – No Money No Reason – Album & Concert


  The OG Point Blank The Bull can’t be stopped. One of the hardest working hustlers to ever step foot on planet earth, The Blanksta has respect in every city in the Southern region and beyond. No Money, No Reason, the new album which drops first at the big concert, Saturday Nov 22nd at Numbers, 300 Westheimer Rd. in Houston Tx. Blank has grown into his OG status and has taken many artists under his wing to help develop them and give them opportunities to get their shine on. Blanks hustle is unmatched, and if you need any proof, just ask him how many miles he’s put on the magnum! Point Blank the SPC/SUC OG new…

No Money No Reason – Point Blank

The new album #NoMoneyNoReason is dropping soon by the SUC SPC legend the OG Point Blank the Bull. The Blanksta never fails to deliver real street rhymes and that HTown flavor that we all love and emulate. Make sure to come thru to the show at Numbers it’s gonna be one of the best shows of the year!!!

RIP A.C. Chill


The legendary AC Chill of the South Park Coalition passed away Dec. 14 2005. 8 years later, we still honor his memory. AC left us with some great rhymes that helped solidify the importance of the SPC in Houston history. The first crew, the hardest crew out the H. The SPC hold strong to AC’s memories, memorializing him in song and in album artwork. At 8pm tonight we pay tribute to AC Chill on Optimo Radio. So make sure to tune in and feel the real. RIP AC Chill

Houston Rap Book – By Peter Beste & Lance Scott Walker

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The long awaited, Houston Rap Book, by our good friends, Peter Beste & Lance Scott Walker, is available for preorder now! This book IS the Houston Rap Scene and anyone who loves Texas rap should have this in their possession. Click the image below to Pre-Order!!   “This book defines Houston hip-hop!” – Bun B. “I love it!” – Sarah / colette   “As far as ‘Books’ is concerned you have put Houston on tha map! It’s like Church’s Chicken… YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!!!” – Dope E. ABOUT THE BOOK: People ain’t been educated on fightin’ back unless it’s some street shit, like fighting your neighbors or beating up… fighting your family members, killing your best…

Stay On My Grind – KB Da Kidnappa (Prod. By BlacForest)


Brand New Single from the legendary KB Da Kidnappa of Street Military, Stay On My Grind, produced by Blac Forest, this track got that southern funk with a dope sample as only the H2G man can do. The single is the first off of KB’s upcoming Black Mamba album, make sure to support the Street Military Soldier and pick this single up on Itunes! Purchase >> Stay On My Grind – iTunes

Dem Dayum Twinz – Interview w/ Conflict


Catch Them Dayum Twinz Live in Concert at the 4th Annual Optimo Radio BDay Bash October 26th At Last Concert Cafe Conflict MY TWIN BROTHAS FROM ANOTHA!! WHAT’S GOOD WIT YA? So, how did y’all start with music? What was the first experience that you remember?D.D.T. We been doin it since I can remember.. pops was really into music.. he used to plug in tha ol lead or base guitar to tha amp at home n let us fukk wit it some.. me n Dcipher at about 12 y/o used to write to instrumentals n see who would come up wit the dopest verse.. We started T.I.C, The Inner Chambers in the early 90s wit…

Mr Cap of the SPC – Live My Life


The homie Mr Cap of the SPC comes with his new single, Live My Life, dope visuals with a dope song with a great message. Real rap for the real people out there tryin to keep them bills paid. Much love to Mr Cap yall make sure to scoop his music up!! Pick up the Live My Life single on iTunes along with all Mr Caps music http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/live-my-life-single/id585472790