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Dem Dayum Twinz – Interview w/ Conflict


Catch Them Dayum Twinz Live in Concert at the 4th Annual Optimo Radio BDay Bash October 26th At Last Concert Cafe Conflict MY TWIN BROTHAS FROM ANOTHA!! WHAT’S GOOD WIT YA? So, how did y’all start with music? What was the first experience that you remember?D.D.T. We been doin it since I can remember.. pops was really into music.. he used to plug in tha ol lead or base guitar to tha amp at home n let us fukk wit it some.. me n Dcipher at about 12 y/o used to write to instrumentals n see who would come up wit the dopest verse.. We started T.I.C, The Inner Chambers in the early 90s wit…