SouthSide SouthWest – Optimo Radio Mixtape

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#SouthSideSouthWest the brand new mix from Optimo Radio is a classic H-Town mix chopped up by Screwed Up Records & Tapes own, DJ Red. Our other mix, Live From #SXSW just released, we wanted to provide a mix of the classics that we play as well so people who are just finding out about Optimo Radio can find out what they’re in store for. We play tons of classic Houston rap as well as all the best of the latest, a lot of this music was so underground its new to most people. Not only is it jammin, we deserve to know our true H-Town history and we at Optimo Radio aim to make sure…

Roosh Williams – Drobots: The Reboot


  This summer my boy Roosh hit me up saying that he had Simple Mobile/Complex Magazine/HipHopDX coming to do a story on him, and he wanted to have them film him at Screwed Up Records & Tapes hanging out with Optimo Radio. It was a real honor and we had no idea what a dope situation this would turn out to be. Roosh came thru wrecked the freestyle as usual, we chopped it up on film with them and you can see the footage in Simple Mobiles, website, where SimpleMobile helps up and coming artists change their game. And he certainly did, after he left the shop they took him to a studio to…

RIP 2Pac DJ Screw Mix All Day – Happy Father’s Day

dj screw 2pac

  No one can deny the impact 2pac had on the South, and it is confirmed in the many mixes that DJ Screw released containing some of 2pac’s best work. Today 2pac would of been 42 years old and we still celebrate his music to this day. DJ Screw really gave 2pac a new sound through his classic Grey Tapes and we honor the memory of two of the most important figures in rap, 2Pac Shakur and DJ Screw. Jam out with us here on Optimo Radio as we kick back enjoy this Father’s Day with our family jammin some of the realest of the real, as only Optimo Radio can bring ya. If It…

#ScrewMondays – 100 of the Best DJ Screw Mixes & Freestyles


Tune in to a special #ScrewMondays on Optimo Radio today. We hand picked 100 of our favorite freestyles and mixes by Screw. Of course we could of made a list of 1000, but these are some of the best from Screw, so kick back, roll one up, po’ one up and tell a friend to tune in to that Optimo Radio. IF IT AIN’T LOCAL IT AIN’T LIVE!!! Support Screwed Up Records & Tapes and visit their new location 3538 W Fuqua or their website

My Life – Young Smitty ft. Renegade Da Mobsta

Screwed Up Records & Tapes recording artists Young Smitty featuring Renegade Da Mobsta bring ya some new Playa Made Visuals. This is the 2nd video we’ve shown ya from our Screwed Up HQ fam, and they do not disappoint. Goin hard on this Blac Forest beat, Smitty opens up about himself and his life, while Rengade kills the hook. Be on the look out for them, they are some of my favorite up and coming artists that we work with. Support them and of course, Screwed Up Records & Tapes. 3538 W Fuqua  

Screwed Up World – Optimo Radio, DJ Red, and Screwed Up Records & Tapes


The day before the so called “Mayan Apocalypse”, Optimo Radio is droppin bombs on ya! SCREWED UP WORLD the new mix by DJ Red features K-Rino, Street Military, The Geto Boys, The League of Extraordinary G’z and more is now available for free download. The world is Screwed Up, and not just because of DJ Screw. This album points out many problems our society is facing today and at the same time knocks hard in the trunk. Make sure to pick up the FREE DL, and if you’re looking to get your own mix done, hit up DJ Red on twitter @DJRed_ScrewedUp. Screwed Up Records & Tapes is located at 3538 W Fuqua Houston, Tx. 77045. Check…

Miranda Gil LIVE from Screwed Up Records & Tapes

This Saturday Sept. 1st, Optimo Radio is proud to announce we will be interviewing Miranda Gil, of Austin Tx, the up and coming R&B sensation with a voice like none other. I was introduced to Miranda by the League of Extraordinary G’z, and was literally blown away watching her perform at an event Reggie Coby had put together. She did this amazing set that left the whole audience in awe, especially me! It’s so refreshing to hear a singer in this day in age, who can take you on a journey with her voice. Everything has become so synthesized and computerized, but Miranda Gil is that breath of fresh air. Her voice is undeniably beautiful…

Screwed Up Records & Tapes Block Party

It’s going down in a major way this labor day weekend, Screwed Up Records & Tapes is having its Grand Opening Block Party this Sunday, September 2nd at the all new location 3538 W. Fuqua Houston, TX 77045. The event starts at 2pm and ends at 10pm. This is a great chance to come down and check out the all-new location if you haven’t made it yet. DJ Red and other DJ’s will be spinning live, along with all your favorite Screw tracks in the mix. Live performances from ESG, The South Park Coalition, Cl’Che’, Icey Hott, Renegade, Smitty, and many more surprise guests. If you live in another part of the world and can’t…