Underground Street Heat w/ DJ Gold – Thurs 3-5pm

Optimo Radio Flyer 2K13

All New Show starts today with the homie DJ Gold, Underground Street Heat. DJ Gold is in the mix all over the streets of Houston and brings you some of the hottest shit comin out tha City of Syrup. Make sure to tune in every Thursday from 3-5pm to get down with the Underground! #IfItAintLocalItAintLive

Sertified – Filthy Fckin Humanz


Brand new album by the fam Sertified reppin that DIE SLO out tha ATX, FilthyFckinHumans exclusively produced by @Heartbeatz this 14 track collection of dope rhymes is sure to take ya on an adventure. The homie Sertified holds it down make sure to check out this album its a free DL.

Late – Underground Rhymin’ EP


Our fam Late of the SPC-UK/Wolftown crew drops another dope EP for the people, Underground Rhymin’, The SPC reaches across the globe and Late represents reality rap well comin from the UK. Thats what I love about this underground, we are connected across the globe thru real music, like Too $hort said, “It don’t matter where ya from, its how ya do it where ya at.” And Late does it well. Make sure to download this and check out all of Late’s work at. www.officiallate.bandcamp.com┬áThe album is name your price, so if you want to support we encourage ya to do so, but if you’re broke, you still get shown love too. Show some real…