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Artists You Need 2 Know – OG Killa Kaos KDB


You’ve already read and met Skama of KDB, now it’s time to meet his awesomely crazy homie, OGKK!! With just as much heart and showmanship, OGKK wrecks shop every time he touches the stage.. Whether he’s rappin’ for a small crowd or a large one, he puts his heart and soul into every performance, and it’s noticeable.. Take a minute to check out the interview, with and ARTIST you NEED to KNOW!! OG KILLAKAOS!! Conflict: I asked Skama the same thing.. How did you get into Hip Hop.. Og KillaKaos: I had been killing bustaz in freestylez and shit long ago since highschool and always keep the most underground collection of hip hop music in…

Artists You Need 2 Know – Young Fatal

young fatal

I’ve never met this artist, but when I hit the link to one of his videos, and than another and THAN another, you can tell Young Fatal has heart and drive for days!! Influences from everywhere, but still in love with Southern Hip Hop.. I was nudged in his direction by the homie Ram, and I’m glad I was.. Some artists nowadays have no heart. Just ambition.. It was nice to find an artist that I haven’t met, that stands out with some of my people.. If you don’t know already! You NEED TO KNOW Young Fatal.. Conflict: How did you first get into music? Young Fatal: Growing up I wanted 2 play Basketball, but…

K-Lub – Struggle N Pain


The homie K-Lub comes with a real ass track, Struggle N Pain, with some dope visuals by Fat Boi Films. One of my favorite tracks off of the Strength N Perseverance album that K-Lub dropped a few months ago, this song stands out with its real lyrics and ability to relate to the listener, we’ve all been through it, and K-Lub does a great job paintin the picture in his own words. Check it out, support the underground! #IfItAintLocalItAintLive