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Point Blank – No Money No Reason – Album & Concert


  The OG Point Blank The Bull can’t be stopped. One of the hardest working hustlers to ever step foot on planet earth, The Blanksta has respect in every city in the Southern region and beyond. No Money, No Reason, the new album which drops first at the big concert, Saturday Nov 22nd at Numbers, 300 Westheimer Rd. in Houston Tx. Blank has grown into his OG status and has taken many artists under his wing to help develop them and give them opportunities to get their shine on. Blanks hustle is unmatched, and if you need any proof, just ask him how many miles he’s put on the magnum! Point Blank the SPC/SUC OG new…

No Money No Reason – Point Blank

The new album #NoMoneyNoReason is dropping soon by the SUC SPC legend the OG Point Blank the Bull. The Blanksta never fails to deliver real street rhymes and that HTown flavor that we all love and emulate. Make sure to come thru to the show at Numbers it’s gonna be one of the best shows of the year!!!