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7 Hours of REAL H-Town Rap In The Source


Our good friend and comrade Lance S. Walker, author of Houston Rap Tapes, teamed up with The Source magazine and hooked them up with a 7 hour mix of nothing but the best of Houston Rap. Lance knows his music and he really represents all of Houston well. From the Geto Boys to Big Gerb and U-Neek of Hongree Records, to Criminal Elament, Street Military, Doughbeezy, Rob Gullate, even some mixes from our personal Optimo Radio DJ Red mixes made it on the list. Please make sure to visit and check out this mix, if you’re at work this will get you through your whole day!! Shoutout to Lance and Peter Beste for really…

Houston Rap Book – By Peter Beste & Lance Scott Walker

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The long awaited, Houston Rap Book, by our good friends, Peter Beste & Lance Scott Walker, is available for preorder now! This book IS the Houston Rap Scene and anyone who loves Texas rap should have this in their possession. Click the image below to Pre-Order!!   “This book defines Houston hip-hop!” – Bun B. “I love it!” – Sarah / colette   “As far as ‘Books’ is concerned you have put Houston on tha map! It’s like Church’s Chicken… YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!!!” – Dope E. ABOUT THE BOOK: People ain’t been educated on fightin’ back unless it’s some street shit, like fighting your neighbors or beating up… fighting your family members, killing your best…