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The Top Flight DJs are back every monday with the Top Flight Radio Show. Top Flight DJs brings you all the new southern rap to come out of Texas and also keep up with what the Top Flight DJs are up too each and every week! Never miss a episode of the Top Flight Radio Show Listen to all previous episodes right here

Cloud Rap Radio With Dominican Jay

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Never miss a episode of Cloud Rap Radio with Dominican Jay of the LOEGz / DSR. Listen Every Tuesday at 9pm!! Make sure to follow Cloud Rap Radio On Soundcloud

Optimo Radio 5th Anniversary at SXSW Recap

Big thanks to everyone who performed and everyone who came out Saturday night. March 21st was one to remember, with so many amazing shows that night and despite the rain, we had a packed house full of people ready for a great show. And the people got what they wanted. It was a great night, full of energetic performances from DJ Paul of 3 6 Mafia and many of Texas’ best MCs Check out the recap here, thanks to @ThaRealChino and TX PowerHouse Media for the hard work in putting together this footage. Don’t forget to download the SXSW Mix we did featuring everyone who performed at our show! Download: Optimo Radio 5th Anniversary SXSW…

Optimo Radio 5th Anniversary SXSW Showcase + Mixtape DL

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It’s that time once again. SXSW is right around the corner and Optimo Radio will be back in full force celebrating our 5th Anniversary. It’s amazing we’ve been rocking the realest rap to ever come out of Texas for 5 years straight, but ain’t tired and we ain’t goin no where. Optimo Radio will be a staple in the community for years to come. We will always be there, providing you with the dopest tracks, commercial free, 24 hours a day. We are honored to be invited back to SXSW this year and we’ve teamed up with our good friends at SoSouth¬†to bring you all an amazing lineup. Starring DJ Paul of 3-6 Mafia along…

Dab Music Vol. 1 – Download Now

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DOWNLOAD NOW >> #DabMusicVol1¬†<< Optimo Radio has relocated to Denver to work in the marijuana industry and we never planned on stoppin bringin ya that Real Azz Musik. We teamed up with Austin MC Cory Kendrix of the LNS Crew out here and got real dabbed out. Then our homie Top Flight DJ Tha Real Chino came out here and did some dabs with us and we decided to make a tape. Dab Music Vol. 1 is the first of it’s kind mix, all songs related to dabbin’. (If you’re unfamiliar with dabs, its a concentrated form of marijuana smoked on a bong with nail that is heated called a rig. If smoking a blunt…

#TopFlightRadio @ThaRealChino @ThaRealYungRedd

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Tha Real Chino came all the way down from the ATX to get live in the Optimo Radio studio with us and we brought in the Sunnyside native Yung Redd to chop it up. Top Flight Radio every Monday night 9-10pm Tha Real Chino gets in the mix and reps for the whole state of Texas. Make sure to tune in.  

Quota on #LiveFromTheUnderground


The former DopeHouse MC, Quota stops by to discuss his struggles, his new label and everything he’s got going on. Join Ram and Athena at 8pm to check in with the homie. Also Athena’s trainer will stop by to discuss Ram’s start of the 24 Day Challenge and talks healthy living and much more. Tune in tonight only on Optimo Radio Listen on your iphone: Listen on your android:

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We are FINALLY offering Optimo Radio merch on our website after many people have requested a location where they can order Optimo Radio shirts, cd’s and more. We’ve launched our store using Paypal, just hit the SHOP OPTIMO button on our website and help be a part of an underground revolution. I receommend getting the Optimo Radio package which gets you a shirt, two cd’s and a lighter. Otherwise everything is sold on its own. If you have any questions regarding orders please contact w/ Optimo Order in subject line. Thanks for your support!! #IfItAintLocalItAintLive   >> CLICK HERE TO ORDER OPTIMO RADIO MERCH ONLINE <<