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Frankie G Da Mex “Beautiful” Review


By Noon Wake up call!!! The time for sleep is over and it looks likes Houston is waking up to the sounds Frankie G Da Mex. Houston, a city that serves as a gateway to latin America has produced some of hip-hop’s finest latin talent i.e. SPM, Grimm, Rasheed, Low G, Baby Bash and more. The past few years have ushered in a new generation of latin rapper. Leading the way are artist like GT Garza, Screwed Up Essay and Young G. Well the time has come to add another name to that list and that name is Frankie G Da Mex. The Denver Harbor & I-10 Ent. representative has long been making his case,…

#ScrewMondays – All Day DJ Screw

dj screw we miss you

Make sure to tune in every Monday 9am-9pm and jam nothin’ but that Screw. #ScrewMondays on Optimo Radio play all the classic Screw tapes hand crafted by Screw himself, which are available at the original Screwed  Up Records & Tapes now located at 3538 W Fuqua 77045. Visit their website www.ScrewedUpRecords.com to order Screws from across the globe. Thanks to DJ Screw for Screwin up the world, we are honored to help keep Screw’s music alive n bangin’ here on Optimo Radio. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive #Fool Listen on our website www.OptimoRadio and use our pop out player. You can also listen on our Official Optimo Radio Android App or with TuneIn app

Optimo Radio broadcasting LIVE from SoSouth’s SXSW Texas Showcase

Optimo Radio is proud to be broadcasting live SoSouth’s SXSW Texas Show Saturday March 16th. Live from The Main on Red River in downtown Austin in the heart of the SXSW mix. Headling is the King of the Ghetto Z-Ro along with K-Rino, ESG, Lil O and many more. If you’re not in Austin, don’t worry, Optimo Radio got your back, we’re broadcasting the whole show live!!