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Screw Culture – Onehunnidt ft ESG


Listen Now Onehunnidt teams up with SUC legend ESG in a tribute to the city and the history of Houston rap with “Screw Culture” produced by Trakksounds with vocals by Bee Honey

Onehunnidt – Empty Goals ft. Bee Honey


The homie Onehunnidt comin with somethin fresh and different on this track, Empty Goals, is a jazzy soulful track, lyrical content is on point and once you hear the hook, you know  it’s Optimo Radio material fo sho! “Money cars and hoes for an empty soul. Stuntin, buyin clothes is an empty goal” This is why I cut for the homie, he recognizes what’s real in life and is bringing truth to the mic while still keeping it current, fresh and new. We work hard to dig thru the sea of bullshit to find gems that speak to the soul instead of just copy whatever is current. I love to hear good songs like this,…

Onehunnidt – Frienemies

frienemies onehunnidt

Brand new track from the fam Onehunnidt, one of our most promising MCs comin up in H-Town. Produced by Big Boy Beats, who was responsible for some production on Onehunnidt’s 2012 release Houston Press Award Winning mixtape, Keep It 100. With scratches from DJ Discipline, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite DJ’s in the scene with all the work he’s putting in. This is a single from the forthcoming release, Field Sobriety, set to release this year. Hear it here first on Optimo Radio. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive