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Unspoken Grynd – Hosted by Chicobrick


Tune In 1pm its Unspoken Grynd w/ Chicobrick bringin ya all the best new stuff comin out tha H, all the hottest records and all your favorite classics. The grynd is unspoken so its unspoken you should be tuned in to Optimo Radio Every Friday 1-4pm. Get at @Chicobrick for music videos graphics, whatever you need he can get it done for you at a cool price and high quality!

Happy B-Day Big Gerb


Happy birthday to Big Gerb, one of the best rappers, realest people, humblest give the shirt off his back type person we have ever met. We celebrated his Dirty 30 party this Saturday and are still in recovery mode from that, but we can’t stop the party just yet. Tune in to El Ram Y Los Beaners at 10pm tonight we are gonna party live on the air and play the best of Big Gerb. If you’re not that familiar with him, check out some of his video’s we’ve posted below, I’m promise you watch 2-3 you can’t help but love this guy. He’s the truth.

Artists You Need 2 Know – OG Killa Kaos KDB


You’ve already read and met Skama of KDB, now it’s time to meet his awesomely crazy homie, OGKK!! With just as much heart and showmanship, OGKK wrecks shop every time he touches the stage.. Whether he’s rappin’ for a small crowd or a large one, he puts his heart and soul into every performance, and it’s noticeable.. Take a minute to check out the interview, with and ARTIST you NEED to KNOW!! OG KILLAKAOS!! Conflict: I asked Skama the same thing.. How did you get into Hip Hop.. Og KillaKaos: I had been killing bustaz in freestylez and shit long ago since highschool and always keep the most underground collection of hip hop music in…