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T2 The Ghetto Hippie – Hustletown ft. Z-Ro Mo City Don


  My boy T2 The Ghetto Hippie  came thru on some H-Town shit and was like yo man, Ima go get tha King of da Ghetto for this one! Hustletown the new single is the ultimate H-Town banger for 2015. Slow melodic flow, dope beat produced by JonZ & Dusty Rodez, and then ya got Rother Vandross kickin it off. Its a win win. This is the first single off of T2’s upcoming South West Side Story album which you’ll be able to get  here on #OptimoRadio soon as it drops!! Support Local Artists, #IfItAintLocalItAintLive

Z-Ro – Comin’ Dyne


New single surfaced today from Tha Mo City Don, Z-Ro. Comin’ Dyne, dope lil track got a real current rap vibe, but Ro wreckin’ as always. Lookin forward to hearin’ all the new music he gon drop on the people. We all know about that Z-Ro/Slim Thug album we all anticipatin’ but here at Optimo Radio, we are REALLY waitin’ on a Z-Ro / Klondike Kat cd we had heard was in the makin a while ago. I’d love to hear that #FreeKlondikeKat make sure to support everything Ro doin that he gettin paid for!!! #IfItAintLocalItAintLive #SupportOurLivinLegends

DEA – Sun Hit The Fade Pt II (Official Video)

dead end pop trunk

Mayneeeee. One of the few words that can describe the feeling hearing that the Dead End Alliance is back with some all new music for the streets. As us Screwheads know, DEA is made up of Fat Pat, HAWK, DJ Screw & Kay K. Kay K got put on lock, then we lost the three remaining members. For years we never thought anything like this could even be close to being possible, but Kay K got out, linked up with the legendary producer Solo, and got to work. I’m proud to of been a part of this album since the beginning and its an honor to premier music like this to the people. So make…

The Mo City Don – I’m Alive (Short Film)

zro im alive

World Premier: Z-Ro’s 15 minute mini-movie / music video for I’m Alive, the single off of the never officially released, Tripolar EP. This video is like a mini movie where Z-Ro is brought back by a mad scientist… well, we won’t spoil it, check out the Mo City Don get his actin on. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive

Classic Wednesdays on Optimo Radio

z-ro look what u did to me

This Classic Wednesday we take a look back at the album that changed the game in the H. Z-Ro’s Look At What You Did To Me released in 1998, was an underground hit and soon to be a must have in any Screwstonian’s catalog. Z-Ro has recently said he is no longer the dude from this cd and now wants to be known solely as The Mo City Don. We appreciate Z-Ro aka The Mo City Don for making a classic like this. Real music about the struggle is what we love here at Optimo Radio and we gon rep for the real 25-8 #IfItAintLocalItAintLive