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GT Garza MM3 Interview on Optimo Radio


We got a chance to sit down with Houston’s very own Gt Garza and speak on his highly anticipated album coming out  April 22, 2016. As we all know, GT Garza is known for constantly putting out new music, getting singles played on the radio, & collaborating with many legendary names. Growing up in the Southwest side of Houston Texas, GT Garza continues to put out quality music while venting out his story, his thoughts and his “nightmares”.  GT Garza continues to climb to the top while representing his name and our city well. We continue to see his respect to those who have helped pioneer the music industry here and put our city on the map. But this album is a little different from the rest….

Ram It Or Jam It w/ @LoveAthena – Special Guest – K-Lub


Tonight on an all new Ram It Or Jam It w/ Athena and Ram we’ll be playing all the newest music submitted to us plus we’ll have one of my personal favorite up n comin MCs in the city, K-Lub in the house premiering his new single, Takin Over ft. Sniper of the SPC. K-Lub is the newest member of the SPC 2G movement, representin SW Stafford Tx he doesn’t waste your time with bullshit, he comes from the heart with real lyrics talking about every day life and the struggle. If you enjoy reality rap he is an artist you definitely want to get to know. If It Ain’t Local, It Ain’t Live!! Free…

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