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Lil J of the LOEGz – I’m That

im that lil j

Lil J of the League of Extraordinary G’z comes with a new banga, I’m That, produced by Blac Forest, directed by Grind Life Films. J goes in wreckin bars lettin boys know what time it is. Reality rap is back and here it is live n ya face. Check it out and make sure to pick up that new #LeagueShit available on iTunes, Google Play and more. #LeagueShit #RipTiny #RIPEsbe    

Drug 2 Me – Sertified ft. Reggie Coby & Worldwide

Three of my favorite central Texas emcees team up for this laid back melodic ode to the strongest drug of all. The Music Capitol Of The World has given birth to a new charismatic emcee by the name of Sertified.  Hailing from the Southside of Austin, Texas, Sertified has surely made his presence felt within the past year. From his recent collaborative LP release with German producer Heartbeatz, entitled “FilthyFckingHumans,” Sertified gives us a brand new track featuring Reggie Coby (League of Extraordinary G’z) and Worldwide. The song is titled “Drug 2 Me” and will undoubtedly evoke a beautiful work of art in your mind.  

$4 Blues – League of Extraordinary G’z


Our boys the League of Extraordinary G’z back at it again, $4 Blues, one of my favorite songs off the Dred Skott 4 President album, which was featured on our Hard Times Vol 2. CD as well, has been revamped and released for the upcoming #LeagueShit album. This song features the total package Reggie Coby and the late great Esbe Da 6th St Bully talkin some real shit about how hard it is to survive when gas damn 4 dollaz a gallon! This is the kind of rap we try to promote here at Optimo Radio, reality rap, where people actually talking about something I can relate to. Thank you to the @LOEGz for keepin…

Reggie Coby Is Da Man


The homie Reggie Coby of the LOEGz got surgery soon and we at Optimo Radio want to send our prayers and positive vibes his way. At Midnight catch Dred Skott 4 President, the album by Reggie and the late great Esbe Da 6th St Bully. #LeagueShit is comin soon make sure to keep up with all the League of Extraordinary G’z at www.LOEGz.com

League of Extraordinary G’z – Attitude / #APD

loegz apd

I’ve spent the last 6 months conversing off and on with my homies the League of Extraordinary G’z, begging and pleading with them to release some of the new #LeagueShit they let me smell last time I was in the kitchen. I knew they had an arsenal of shit to throw at the people like a crazed lab monkey and I just couldn’t wait to see the listeners covered in league dookie. That wait is finally over. Last week the League dropped a monster of a single, #APD, bringing awareness to the ongoing police brutality in Austin, and the murdering of unarmed black men in the city, which has been going on way  more than…

Sertified – Filthy Fckin Humanz


Brand new album by the fam Sertified reppin that DIE SLO out tha ATX, FilthyFckinHumans exclusively produced by @Heartbeatz this 14 track collection of dope rhymes is sure to take ya on an adventure. The homie Sertified holds it down make sure to check out this album its a free DL.

HANKURI! – The League of Extraordinary G’z

Here it is folks! Hankuri, the first single off of, the League’s and Shane Eli’s collab EP, The Plug. Filmed in Austin Tx by Top Flight Films and Grind Life Films. The LOEG’z Low-Key, Tuk Da Gat, and S.Dot come together on the track dropping serious rhymes over the Shane Eli produced track. The video was filmed at the Leagues house, we had the honor of stopping by for it, it was a live party filming it which made for a dope ass video. Check out the video, share with your friends, and support the League of Extraordinary G’z by getting yourself your own G-Pack off their website www.LOEGZ.com Its goin down in a major way, get…

‘The Plug’ Is Comin’…. Hankuri Is Here… The League of Extraordinary G’z @LOEGz


A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of rollin’ to ATX with Big Gerb and linking up with the @LOEGz for their video shoot for this new single, Hankuri. Lowkey, Tuk Da Gat, and $.Dot link up on this track to deliver a trifecta of vicious rhymes while the homie Shane Eli is on the track. This is the first track off of THE PLUG, the League and Shane Eli project, which I know for a fact is going to be one of the hardest hitting albums hitting the market. The League steady drops heat, and if you’re still sleepin’ on ’em…. You’re trippin’ bro. #LeagueShit On Yo Neck Azz N Elbowz!!! www.LOEGz.com…