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Kyle Hubbard – Going Back 2 Houston


The man who told me personally, “Ram, I’m done. I don’t have much else to rap about.” is back. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Truly one of the dopest lyricists to come out of Houston, Kyle Hubbard, has skated through the underground scene these last few years with many accolades and hat tips from every blog and newspaper in Houston. He’s performed at almost all of our Optimo Radio showcases and has worked with some amazing folks. But his lyrics are what set him apart from the pack. There is a very short list of artists who have spoken words that helped me get through life, Kyle is one of them. Alongside the…

Kyle Hubbard – Even Though It Shines

New video from my fam Kyle Hubbard, Even Though It Shines, one of my favorite tracks off of his You’re Not That Special album, which was ranked #3 Best Album of the Year of any genre of music by the Houston Chronicle. This single was featured on our Optimo Radio’s THE UNDERGROUND Vol. 1 Compilation. Which you can D/L for free here >> UNDERGROUND Make sure to support Kyle Hubbard, he’s one of the realest our here doin it! IF IT AIN’T LOCAL, IT AIN’T LIVE!! Kyle Hubbard Music –  

Kyle Hubbard – You’re Not That Special – Chopped Not Slopped + Discography

Gotta send a big birthday shoutout to my partna Kyle Hubbard. This man has been doing it tough since I came on the scene two years ago, and is only gettin’ tougher. His 2nd album You’re Not That Special has recieved numerous accolades from different publications, and rightfully so. It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. Kyle has been doing thing and everything he puts out is solid music. Show my boy some birthday love and get all his music here. We’re providing all the links and videos so you can know for sure, that we ain’t bluffin’. Much love to my homie Kyle, we got his back, and ya’ll should too. If…