Saturday Replay on Optimo Radio 8-10-13


Every Saturday Optimo Radio replays all the shows we did over the course of the week. If you miss one of your favorite shows this week make sure to catch it today! We always go in order from Monday – Sunday and todays list is. 10:45 #ScrewMondays – That Classic ’95 is the tape we’re playing today 12:30 El Ram Y Los Beaners w/ Special Guest the OG Low G 2:30 Certified Radio w/ KOB. You don’t want to miss this show, they always play the best new music comin out the underground. 4:30 LIVE at the Screw Shop w/ Roosh Williams and Dat Boi T premiering some new music, with DJ Red in the…

Real Talk Certified Hour w/ KOB Ent 10am


All New Episode today, Real Talk Certified Hour is hosted by B Head, Sunny Picz, Bigg Chubba and the whole KOB fam. They’re playin all the latest music, droppin some knowledge in between and giving you all the info you need to get your day going. They are a real talented crew and show much love, so make sure to support em and check em out here every Tuesday 10am-12pm cst on Optimo Radio!