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Kidricc James – …And I Mean This Vol. 2


One of our favorite Optimo Radio artists, Kidricc James has dropped another solid EP… And I Mean This… Vol. 2 Is a 7 track EP, showcasing his talents, from dope lyrics to one of the best singers in Houston. Kidricc James has it all. From the first track, Tryin 2 Fit In, Kidricc tells his story, (and it’s a great one) through this word play and you begin to understand his journey. Houstonians will proudly bang H-Town Anthem in their rides as the summer moves along, and support from our city grows by the day. Dreams and My Side Of Town really showcase his skills and his development that we have watched here at Optimo…

Devin The Dude – One For The Road


Devin the Dude leaks his latest album out via Soundcloud… One For The Road, the Dude’s latest masterpiece is a melodic bluesy jazzy weed smokin cool cat type album that solidifies his role as not only a rapper, but a true musician. Devin’s amazing taste in music and artistic ability brings the best out of his featuring artists, and allows him to flow on the beats in a way only he can. This album is a slow syrupy southern mix of gumbo funk fo yo trunk. I’m really impressed with the production as well, every song sounds great and has depth and great live instrumentation. The feel takes you on a ride, and if you…

Big Pup – The Struggle

The Struggle

The homie Big Pup dropped The Struggle today. The highly anticipated album from South Side Underground Heavyweight, Big Pup. You’ve been hearing him for the last 2 years in the rotation and he is one of our favorite artists, one of the few in the game right now who are stepping up and bringin back that real shit to your speakers. This 20 track album features Dougie D, Kidricc James, Yung Quis, Pyrexx, Bigg Third, production from BlacForest and so much more!! This is real underground rap, and he is even giving it away on the “My Mixtape” app just download it and search for Big Pup. Catch Pup live in the studio with us…

Real Recognize Real – Big Lo G ft. Kidricc James, Big Pup, & Fat Mack

New track my partna Lo G sent me the other, I’m feelin this one, some hard new music comin out the H. This track features my homies Kidricc James and Big Pup along with Fat Mack. Make sure yall check it out and download it here and stay tuned to Optimo Radio 25-8 to hear this, along with all the best underground funk fo yo trunk!!!!