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Live From The Underground Vol. 1 – Roosh Williams

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Welcome to the Underground! Optimo Radio has been going hard 4 years straight bringing nothing but the best of reality based rap music that comes out of Texas 24 hours a day. Our flagship show, Live From The Underground, premiers all the latest and greatest music being released and also interviews the dopest artists in the scene. Once a month we take our best interview and hand pick a selection of new music to help paint a picture of what the Optimo Radio experience is all about. This month’s feature is Roosh Williams, one of Houston’s most lyrically advanced up and coming MC’s, Roosh has been featured in numerous publications including The Houston Chronicle, Complex,…

La Flama Blanca / La Flama Dranka (Optimo Radio Mixtapes)


  Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by DatPiff.com Quick Download Link (DatPiff wont let you DL the whole CD)  http://www.mediafire.com/download/od07tgcsnf2bb9l/La_Flama_Blanca.rar Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by DatPiff.com http://www.mediafire.com/download/tjd22biaerkkxkj/La_Flama_Dranka.rar Wack Rappers…. You’re Fuckin’ Out! This Tuesday, Oct. 29th, The Texas Underground arises once again to show the world that when it comes to reality rap, Texas is where it’s at. Home of the candy paint, syrup sippin and booty twerkin’, Texas has been known for years for our over the top cars, outlandish styles and euphemisms, but we at Optimo Radio want you to know, there is so much more to our music than just catchy materialistic rhymes. Last year, we brought you The Underground,…

Optimo Radio 4th Annual BDay Bash This Saturday Oct. 26th


Its goin down in a major way at Last Concert Café in downtown Houston, its the 4th Annual Optimo Radio BDay bash. Going on 4 years of real rap down in the H, we always showcase some of our best talent every year about this time. This year we’re bringing the legends and all the dopest up and comin’ MC’s in the H. From K-Rino to the legendary Ronnie Spencer (Sings One Day w/ UGK) who’s bringing out a whole slew of surprise guests on his set, to the #3 Best Album of all Genres in the Houston Chronicle winner Kyle Hubbard, the underground heavyweights Hongree Records, just to name a few. The homie Sode who…

K-Rino – Don’t Stop (Official Music Video)

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The Wizard always keeps it real, and doesn’t stop on the new video for his song, Don’t Stop. Great inspirational story and song, giving people hope in hard times and as always, supreme lyricism. Filmed by DJ Wrekk last summer, glad we got to get this one out to the people. Glad to of been a part of this video, and shoutout to the whole South Park Coalition! Enjoy! Make sure to get K-Rinos latest albums at www.SouthParkCoalition.us

Classic Wednesdays on Optimo Radio


This week’s #ClassicWedneday Picks of the Week are the South Park Mexican with one of his most successful albums, Hustle Town, followed immediately by K-Rino’s The Hit List. Make sure to support the artist and buy the albums. Amazon Itunes or www.sosouth.com Order directly from K-Rino at http://southparkcoalition.webs.com K-Rino is droppin 2 new albums in September, TheRAPeutic and Plantation Rebellion proving once again, no one can do it like the Wizard!! Free SPM!!

Unspoken Grynd – Hosted by Chicobrick


Tune In 1pm its Unspoken Grynd w/ Chicobrick bringin ya all the best new stuff comin out tha H, all the hottest records and all your favorite classics. The grynd is unspoken so its unspoken you should be tuned in to Optimo Radio Every Friday 1-4pm. Get at @Chicobrick for music videos graphics, whatever you need he can get it done for you at a cool price and high quality!

Conflict’s BDay Bash 2Nite At Toc Bar! K-Rino live in concert plus much more!!

conflict bday

Its goin down tonight in downtown Houston at the Toc Bar!!! The homie Conflict’s bday bash is in full swing with a lineup of artists reppin for the underground! Headlining is of course, K-Rino, the Wizard himself, plus performances from the SPC 2G and more!! Show starts at 10pm so make sure to come thru to have a good time! Optimo Ram will be hosting the show along with The Real Jay Walker, so you know it’ll be crunk! If It Ain’t Local, It Ain’t Live!!!

Artists You Better Know! w/ Conflict – K-Rino

You might know him as The Legend.. You might have heard him called The Wizard.. Ultimately you KNOW him as K-Rino. The ridiculously talented founder of South Park Coalition.. Known and acknowledged as one of the best lyricists, ever.. K-Rino is also one of the most humble people you’ll ever know.. I first met him when I worked at Rockin’ Rodeo/Ocean Club as a Doorman/Barback/Dj. I was just starting to rap in front of crowds with my boy ‘Kid’ as Hip Hop Incorporated. We booked Rino for a show, and meeting him was meeting one of my Hip Hop idols.. He was down to earth and actually talked to the artists opening for him and…