Optimo Radio 4th Annual BDay Bash This Saturday Oct. 26th


Its goin down in a major way at Last Concert Café in downtown Houston, its the 4th Annual Optimo Radio BDay bash. Going on 4 years of real rap down in the H, we always showcase some of our best talent every year about this time. This year we’re bringing the legends and all the dopest up and comin’ MC’s in the H. From K-Rino to the legendary Ronnie Spencer (Sings One Day w/ UGK) who’s bringing out a whole slew of surprise guests on his set, to the #3 Best Album of all Genres in the Houston Chronicle winner Kyle Hubbard, the underground heavyweights Hongree Records, just to name a few. The homie Sode who…

Friday Eve – 3 Year Anniversary


Tonight on Optimo Radio we celebrate 3 years strong of Friday Eve w/ Justice Allah. We’ve been bringin the real deal to the people, removing the coverage off the news coverage, giving ya the news you can use. We look back at some of our best segments and guests, discussing our past clips. Should be a good time! Make sure to support Justice Allah and get all his music at www.The144Elite.net

Soul Sundays 9am – 3pm


Tune in and get yo soul right, Soul Sundays, hosted by Justice All Ah plays all the best classic soul n funk ensuring you a soulful good time to get your week started off right. Hear where many of our favorite songs got their samples from too, bringin ya all the hits…. Only on Optimo Radio www.OptimoRadio.com

Justice All Ah – Growing Too Fast

justice allah growing too fast

The brand new video from Justice All Ah is here! Growing Too Fast, a single off the F.T.H. album Justice goes in deep and tells 3 stories of people going through life, making choices, mistakes, and accomplishments. These stories all differ but tie in to an introspective look into oneself and our society, and makes us ask the question…. Are we Growing Too Fast?? Ren X directed this video and I’m happy to played a role in it, Ram Zimmeram, as we dubbed it lol. Make sure to support Justice and pick up all his music at The 144 Elite website. Catch Justice live every what used to known as Thursday, now known as Friday Eve at…

Friday Eve – The Mis-Leaders


Tonight on Friday Eve w/ Justice Allah we discuss the so called leaders our media and society presents us and shows how they mislead the public in a direction away from one that is positive. Make sure to tune in at 9pm only on Optimo Radio www.OptimoRadio.com Hear all this replay on Saturday Replay  and more by clicking Optimo Radio On Demand

Saturday Replay on Optimo Radio 8-10-13


Every Saturday Optimo Radio replays all the shows we did over the course of the week. If you miss one of your favorite shows this week make sure to catch it today! We always go in order from Monday – Sunday and todays list is. 10:45 #ScrewMondays – That Classic ’95 is the tape we’re playing today 12:30 El Ram Y Los Beaners w/ Special Guest the OG Low G 2:30 Certified Radio w/ KOB. You don’t want to miss this show, they always play the best new music comin out the underground. 4:30 LIVE at the Screw Shop w/ Roosh Williams and Dat Boi T premiering some new music, with DJ Red in the…

Friday Eve w/ Justice Allah Tonight at 9pm


Tonight We Will Discuss The Issues Surrounding The General Populations Inabilty To Distinguish Between What Is Right and What Is Wrong. We Dive Deep Into One of The Main Culprits Propagating The Mind-Numbing Hypnosis Over Mankind: Hollywood. Make sure to tune in 9pm cst on Optimo Radio www.OptimoRadio.com #FTH

Happy Mother’s Day from Optimo Radio

We’re doing an extended Soul Sundays mix all day so you can enjoy Optimo Radio with ya mama and family. IF IT AINT LOCAL IT AINT LIVE! And don’t forget to download our new Android app! Official Optimo Radio Android App