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June 27th ScrewK13

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Celebrating June 27th at Screwed Up Records & Tapes we ended up makin a dope tape in honor of the now Screwston holiday. I was rollin with Big DeMo (The man who’s birthday is actually June 27th) to the Boilerroom Houston Event which you can watch at the bottom of the page. Afterwards we hit the Screw shop and met up with Roosh Williams, Dat Boi T, Willean, and a few others. DJ Red got on them tables and it went dyneeee. June 27th ScrewK13 features Roosh Williams, one of the rising stars of Houston explode on the freestyle for a good chunk of the 2 disc set. Red mixes up some classics including some…

Happy June 27th!!! 24 Hour DJ Screw Mix Tune In Now

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It’s Screwston’s own holiday, Big DeMo’s Bday, June 27th. For those that are confused, June 27th is Big DeMo’s BDay, he brought together everyone who was on the classic grey tape that came out in ’96. As the years went on, and after we lost Screw, June 27th began to find itself as an unofficial holiday for us Screw heads. As the years went on it solidified into a date that we can all get around and celebrate the movement that Screwed the world, started by the man himself DJ Screw. So in honor of DJ Screw we are playing nothin but that Screw for 24 hours straight on Optimo Radio. Tune in here on…