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Happy B-Day Big Gerb


Happy birthday to Big Gerb, one of the best rappers, realest people, humblest give the shirt off his back type person we have ever met. We celebrated his Dirty 30 party this Saturday and are still in recovery mode from that, but we can’t stop the party just yet. Tune in to El Ram Y Los Beaners at 10pm tonight we are gonna party live on the air and play the best of Big Gerb. If you’re not that familiar with him, check out some of his video’s we’ve posted below, I’m promise you watch 2-3 you can’t help but love this guy. He’s the truth.

Video of the Week – MISUNDERSTOOD – Big Gerb & Yung Surreal – Dir. by OnTheReel Films

The 3rd and final video that we’ve dropped over the last 10 days with Big Gerb & Yung Surreal. Two of the hardest hitting artists coming out of Housotn, Hongree Records has become an undeniable force in the underground scene. Thanks to our homies OnTheReel Films for coming all the way from ATX to do this video with us. Be on the lookout for more work from us and them soon. IF IT AIN’T LOCAL, IT AIN’T LIVE!!!

Big Gerb & Yung Surreal – All I Got Is Time

Big Gerb & Yung Surreall of Hongree Records drop this underground funk for yo trunk, All I Got Is Time, a track off their Hunger Pains album. This is a lil underground video we did real quick, just another day in the life…. Get Hongree Records music here >> Hongree << Support the underground, share the video if you fuck with it, IF IT AIN’T LOCAL, IT AIN’T LIVE!!    

Something To Check Out This Weekend

coalition ambush 9

Just going through some new music, got a few stand out tracks and videos from my homies I don’t want ya’ll to miss out. Check em out, let us know what you think. Support these local artists! We aren’t corporate whores, we eat off this!! New track by Spiktakula – 60 bars straight wreckin’ – Give it a listen. He doesn’t disappoint. He shouts me out in it, and it was so live. “Ran into Ram, he was rollin up an Optimo, I know this sound impossible, but he had some weed that would put Snoop in the hospital. He called it Houston Chronicle.” lol thas whatsup. #HongreeMobb Bitch!!! El Ram Y Los Beaners Every…