Friday Eve – 3 Year Anniversary


Tonight on Optimo Radio we celebrate 3 years strong of Friday Eve w/ Justice Allah. We’ve been bringin the real deal to the people, removing the coverage off the news coverage, giving ya the news you can use. We look back at some of our best segments and guests, discussing our past clips. Should be a good time! Make sure to support Justice Allah and get all his music at

Friday Eve – The Mis-Leaders


Tonight on Friday Eve w/ Justice Allah we discuss the so called leaders our media and society presents us and shows how they mislead the public in a direction away from one that is positive. Make sure to tune in at 9pm only on Optimo Radio Hear all this replay on Saturday Replay  and more by clicking Optimo Radio On Demand

Friday Eve w/ Justice Allah Tonight at 9pm


Tonight We Will Discuss The Issues Surrounding The General Populations Inabilty To Distinguish Between What Is Right and What Is Wrong. We Dive Deep Into One of The Main Culprits Propagating The Mind-Numbing Hypnosis Over Mankind: Hollywood. Make sure to tune in 9pm cst on Optimo Radio #FTH