H.A.W.K. Lives

hawk lives cover

HAWK Lives: If you’ve been in the scene down here deep in the Underground, you were aware of the fact that there was this HAWK album that had been yet to be released with a bunch of unheard tracks on it. It ALMOST came out like 2 or 3 years ago, but got held up for whatever reason. But here we are March 2015, and BAM Im on the instagram and I see my dear friend Meshah Hawkins post the cover and say its dropping the 17th! Instant joy filled the air… and some smoke followed shortly after! HAWK Lives!! As long as we can put him in the deck and turn it up, he’ll…

Pimp C & Fat Pat Tribute All Day


Dec 4th is #FatPat bday and the day we lost #PimpC. Tune in to #OptimoRadio for an all day tribute to two of our brightest stars. Www.OptimoRadio.com #IfItAintLocalItAintLive #RIPPimpC #RIPFatPat Listen on your android with our own app http://tiny.cc/optimoandroid or you can get the TuneIn app for iPhones

DEA – Sun Hit The Fade Pt II (Official Video)

dead end pop trunk

Mayneeeee. One of the few words that can describe the feeling hearing that the Dead End Alliance is back with some all new music for the streets. As us Screwheads know, DEA is made up of Fat Pat, HAWK, DJ Screw & Kay K. Kay K got put on lock, then we lost the three remaining members. For years we never thought anything like this could even be close to being possible, but Kay K got out, linked up with the legendary producer Solo, and got to work. I’m proud to of been a part of this album since the beginning and its an honor to premier music like this to the people. So make…

RIP Fat Pat & Pimp C – 24 Hour Tribute on @OptimoRadio


December 4th is a day in Houston that could considered just as important as June 27th, this is the day Fat Pat was born and also the day we lost Pimp C. So, as we do here at Optimo Radio, we must pay tribute to our legends who molded this city. Fat Pat and Pimp C were defintiely two of the most important voices in our scene and even to this day, we jam their music like its brand new. Kick back and enjoy the mix, we appreciate everyone spreading the word, we’re going hard all night!!! If It Ain’t Local, It Ain’t Live!!