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Make sure to tune in to the homie @Chicobrick every Friday on Optimo Radio, 1-4pm playin the latest and great music comin out tha city of syrup. Chico came up on the Southwest and now resides on that East side makin sure all the young homies who got some skill are gettin heard. If you want to get heard make sure to submit your best music to Chico at unspokengryndradio@yahoo.com  

Majick – LTC (Dir. by @Chicobrick)

majick long time comin

The fam Majick is back with a new video, LTC (Long Time Comin), Dir by Chicobrick, the young homie straight outta Studewood, givin yall that raw flow, yall make sure to know what time it is and hit play!! #IfItAintLocalItAintLive “Rappin is way too hard when ya real… No Car, No Ice, Plain Life, No Deal…”

Unspoken Grynd – Hosted by Chicobrick


Tune In 1pm its Unspoken Grynd w/ Chicobrick bringin ya all the best new stuff comin out tha H, all the hottest records and all your favorite classics. The grynd is unspoken so its unspoken you should be tuned in to Optimo Radio Every Friday 1-4pm. Get at @Chicobrick for music videos graphics, whatever you need he can get it done for you at a cool price and high quality!

Saturday Replay on Optimo Radio 8-10-13


Every Saturday Optimo Radio replays all the shows we did over the course of the week. If you miss one of your favorite shows this week make sure to catch it today! We always go in order from Monday – Sunday and todays list is. 10:45 #ScrewMondays – That Classic ’95 is the tape we’re playing today 12:30 El Ram Y Los Beaners w/ Special Guest the OG Low G 2:30 Certified Radio w/ KOB. You don’t want to miss this show, they always play the best new music comin out the underground. 4:30 LIVE at the Screw Shop w/ Roosh Williams and Dat Boi T premiering some new music, with DJ Red in the…

MAJICK U.O.E.N.O FREESTYLE @itsMAJICK Dir. by @Chicobrick

My fam Majick just dropped his Premium Rush mixtape and this is the visual for his U.O.E.N.O. freestyle. Dir by Chicobrick, make sure to support the homie Majick, and if you need videos holla at @ChicoBrick for the best quality for the best price. If It Ain’t Local, It Ain’t Live GET PREMIUM RUSH HERE >>¬†www.hotnewhiphop.com/majick/mixtape


Our Optimo Radio host who does it all, Chicobrick directed this video for Yung Wood out tha East side ft. Azul make sure to check it out an share it with your people! Holla at Chico if you need a dope video for a nice price! If It Ain’t Local, It Ain’t Live!  


New video from our Optimo Radio host / graphic / videographer extraordinaire @Chicobrick this time he got with the homie Dzaster to put together some visuals for his track, Everything Gon Be Alright. Support the underground n check it out!! If It Aink’t Local, It Ain’t Live!!