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*By submitting this, I agree that I am the owner of this music and I allow Optimo Radio to play my music for promotional purposes only

RULES FOR SUBMISSION – Please Read Before Submitting Music.

Our Goal

Optimo Radio hand picks the very best music submitted to us for radio play. We go through the songs we are sent and look for subject matter, quality of production, marketability to our audience, and overall just a good sound. We do not play most of the songs we receive, we are not here to play everyone’s music, we are here to play the BEST coming from the underground.

What We Need From YOU

With that being said, if you song contains subject matters about ballin’ out at the club non stop, words that rhyme but when put together have no meaning, your verses are all auto tuned, you rap about SWAG, you have NO subject matter in your song, the quality of recording is horrible….. These are all points that will probably keep you from having your song played. We want artists who actually have something interesting to say. We don’t give a shit what the latest trend is.

Submit Mp3 Files Properly

We truly do want to help artists who deserve to get heard, so help us help you. PLEASE make sure the file you are sending contains the track and artist name / twitter account (so you can be tweeted when your song  plays) We receive over 100 submissions a week so please be patient with us, we usually do not contact back unless we really have enjoyed your song and want to get to know more about you as an artist. If you want your song reviewed we offer those services as well, e-mail for details. Thanks for your support and keep pushing Real Ass Muzik to the people.


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