Artist Spotlight w/ Conflict – Fa Sho


I’m interviewing an up and comer tonight, that I’ve known for a while..
I met him 7 years ago.. And he was always in trouble..
Problem was, he was only in trouble for trying to stay out of trouble..
It was like, no matter what he did, shit always happened.. There were a few things I knew about this c, the first time we chilled.. He’s a loyal friend, he tries to be a good man, and he could rap his ass off.. Well after finally handling all the shit, and trying to stay in a steady home.. He has finally been able to get back in his music. So I wanted y’all to meet my homeboy FaSho.

Conflict: Let’s just jump right in.. What got you into music?

FaSho: Really, when I started getting locked up and going to jail, about 13-14 yrs old. I became accustomed to a passion in music. I just wrote one song, and that’s all it took.

Conflict: So everything you went through, being locked up, and everything with it. Your outlet became music, and it just stuck..

FaSho: Man it’s true, because music is the only thing that can be there when I’m locked up. It can be there when I’m free. It’s never gonna leave me. It’s the one thing I can always count on..

Conflict: I feel you. I feel the same way.. Music is a big part of my life and always has been.. Which brings me to the next question. Who are some of your biggest inspirations? Not just music wise. All are some of the people that drive the want to get better in your music?

FaSho: Man, the main one who started me off, was (Big) Pokie.. Mainly because of his lyrics, he’s just lyrical. That ‘Hardest Pitt’, man, that was the beginning of a Monster!! I cut for ESG, the whole SUC, people like K-Rino.. The list goes on…

Conflict: Hell yeah! With artists like those to drive you.. What do you want to happen with your music? Are you trying to reach people? Are you tryin for money? What are you getting, or want to get out of it all?

FaSho: It’s just a release.. You know how some people read books to escape reality? I write music to unleash my emotions on paper so someone can hear it.

Conflict: You said you started doing music when you were locked up.. That it became a release.. How long have you been persuing music?

FaSho: Around 10 years since I went to jail, for the first time.. And really got into it.

Conflict: So you’ve been doing it for a minute, but persuing it hard core?

FaSho: I started persuing.. And I’d spit (verses) to myself a lot.. Until people would hear me started telling me I was good, and had something, and I knew I had to keep going.. It’s a gift..

Conflict: I totally feel that.. Not everybody can rap or sing or play an instrument.. They may want to, but not everybody can.. And since I know you, I know you’re not gonna stop trying to reach and take your emotions out on the mic.. So, what legacy do you hope to leave? Better yet, what do you hope to gain, in the end, from your music?

FaSho: What it all comes down to.. It’s all about a stress release. That’s the best way I can describe it.. I just got to let things loose sometimes..I’m always stressed the fuck out.. And I just need to get it out.. I know I got this gift. I’ve been told that all my life, and I’m not letting go..

Conflict: Who was the 1st person to tell you that you were tight? That you were a good rapper?

FaSho: It was this lil dude named AJ in West Texas State School.. He said, “I don’t know who you’ve been rapping around, but that shit’s live.” He’s basically the one that started me.. Gave me that boost..

Conflict: Well hell yeah for AJ.. Is there anything you’d like to announce? Upcoming shows?

FaSho: 6/8/13 in El Campo, Tx “For My City” Tour
6/21 Conflict’s Birthday Bash at Toc Bar
6/22 Dallas, Tx
7/19/13 Toc Bar
And I just want to say, even though it’s written. I want to shout out my baby Cherise, she good to me.. That’s why I do what I gotta do, go where I gotta go, and get to where I’m gettin’..

Awww… You’re definitely getting booty tonight sir.. Appreciate you coming out..



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