Miranda Gil LIVE from Screwed Up Records & Tapes : Optimo Radio

Miranda Gil LIVE from Screwed Up Records & Tapes

This Saturday Sept. 1st, Optimo Radio is proud to announce we will be interviewing Miranda Gil, of Austin Tx, the up and coming R&B sensation with a voice like none other. I was introduced to Miranda by the League of Extraordinary G’z, and was literally blown away watching her perform at an event Reggie Coby had put together. She did this amazing set that left the whole audience in awe, especially me!

It’s so refreshing to hear a singer in this day in age, who can take you on a journey with her voice. Everything has become so synthesized and computerized, but Miranda Gil is that breath of fresh air. Her voice is undeniably beautiful and strong, and she has the drive to make it far in this industry.

Her new single “Alone” produced by Kris Keyz will be premiered this Saturday from the Screw shop, in a live interview. We strive to bring our listeners the best of the best, and we can assure everyone, we are doing so with Ms. Miranda Gil. She will be live about 3pm cst so make sure to tell a friend to tune in!

Check out these videos of Miranda and add her on Facebook and Twitter!