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GT Garza MM3 Interview on Optimo Radio

We got a chance to sit down with Houston’s very own Gt Garza and speak on his highly anticipated album coming out  April 22, 2016. As we all know, GT Garza is known for constantly putting out new music, getting singles played on the radio, & collaborating with many legendary names. Growing up in the Southwest side of Houston Texas, GT Garza continues to put out quality music while venting out his story, his thoughts and his “nightmares”.  GT Garza continues to climb to the top while representing his name and our city well. We continue to see his respect to those who have helped pioneer the music industry here and put our city on the map. But this album is a little different from the rest. MM3 is a trilogy from his beginning. The 3rd album following his first Maverick Music collection. As someone who’s been following his music since the beginning, I have seen how he has grown not only as an artist, but as a legend in the making.

OPTIMO RADIO: Why MM3? What does it stand for?


MM3 stands for Maverick Music. Its the 1st Mixtape Series I ever made.

OPTIMO RADIO: “What does MM3 mean to you? What does it represent?”


The word Maverick has always made me feel like the underdog, or a rebel. Going against the grain and making the music I’ve always wanted to make.

OPTIMO: “So tell me how would you say Gt Garza has progressed or changed since your very first MM album?”


“Artistically, I’ve learned so much about myself and music. I’m way more hands on with the engineering and production of my own music. We definitely have grown as a business and been able to put ourselves in a good position.”

OPTIMO: “I know you’ve spoken on many of the greats that have influenced your career and you just dropped a song prior to this In Memory of Big Moe (RIP) named U Remember.

Is there anyone we can expect on the new MM3 album that you either paid homage to or has influenced you?”


“Moment To Vent” is a song I have made on every Maverick Music tape. So the new “Moment to Vent” will let the listener know who I have been talking to and where we’re going next.

OPTIMO: “Tell me a little bit of the sounds/vibes we will be expecting on this album?”


“We went with a few new sounds on this tape. Like I said, since I’ve been more hands on with the music. All I’ve been doing is trying new sounds. Finding the stuff I like and what I don’t like. I know the fans will enjoy the lyrical content as well as the music”


OPTIMO: ‘What producers did you work with?’


“For this project I brought out my boy Trakksounds, we always dope. Gime Knocks, Steve O Valdez, Albie Dickson, Jon Z, and my homie J-Attractive. That’s an awesome squad. I love their production and we got great chemistry.”

OPTIMO: “Nightmares is the first single you dropped off the album. Tell me why you named it that and what message/story you’re trying to give the people.”


“Nightmares is my way of expressing how I feel about the Trap, or the lifestyle it can take you down. A lot of people glorify Hustling and we all love the hustle, but there are dark times and I just wanted to show people the other side.”

OPTIMO: “You’re also doing a very special tour for this album this Summer. What cities will you be touring?”


“We will be starting in June, its called “The MM3 Tour”. The first run will be through west Texas. We will also hit Kansas and New Mexico as well and when we get back I hope to put out some more music.”

OPTIMO: “As an artist that has had your songs on radio stations all across the nation; what would you say is hot right now in hip hop? Rap?

East Coast , West Coast, 3rd Coast ?’


“Just depends on where you’re from. There is music on the East Coast that is poppin. Everybody has their own sounds and if its hot then its hot. Just gotta make sure the right people hear it. We all deliver dope music. You just gotta keep an open mind.”

OPTIMO: “Do you think the music industry makes it hard for an artist to stay real to who he/she is?”


“I believe if you come into the game and just be you, then everything will be fine. Some people take the industry as a way to make up an image or be like this WWF character type. If it works for them, cool, but at the end of the day I’m just here to be me.”

OPTIMO: “As the CEO of your own label/company, La Maquina Empire, whats next for GT?”

“Expansion. Building and marketing the music better. Staying consistent with our fans and making sure they are always looking forward to our new shows and music.”


Strong words from GT. Its amazing to him grow into the artist he is today and we are excited to see where his hard work and dedication takes him on this journey to greatness. This is definitely a true artist to look for who represents talent, hard work and dedication.

So here you go everyone. GT Garza is coming back with the 3!


Interview and Written by: Love Athena with Optimo Radio

@oneloveathena twitter: @loveathena

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He will be performing live on April 22nd here in Houston on the album release date and

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You can preorder the album now on iTunes, buy the new single Nightmares and go to for more info.

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