Kyle Hubbard – Going Back 2 Houston

The man who told me personally, “Ram, I’m done. I don’t have much else to rap about.” is back. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Truly one of the dopest lyricists to come out of Houston, Kyle Hubbard, has skated through the underground scene these last few years with many accolades and hat tips from every blog and newspaper in Houston. He’s performed at almost all of our Optimo Radio showcases and has worked with some amazing folks. But his lyrics are what set him apart from the pack. There is a very short list of artists who have spoken words that helped me get through life, Kyle is one of them. Alongside the likes of Curtis Mayfield, K-Rino, and Z-Ro, Kyle’s take on life and his reflection on his own, has personally helped me grow as a person. This is something i personally look for in an artist. I want to feel something. I want to have emotions invoked in me while I’m stoned driving down the highway. Kyle Hubbard does this.

Going Back To Houston is his first track off latest release and in his fashion he’s always keeping it real. He had been living in Arkansas the last year or so gaining that life experience that makes for another great song. Going Back To Houston, and he literally has, now if that’s not reality rap, I don’t know what is!!

If you enjoy this track, I implore you to go back and look at Kyle’s catalog, You’re Not That Special, is one of my all time favorite albums since doing this radio. Kyle’s been getting a lot of love since coming back to H-Town and there is no better time than the present to get on that Hubbard Bandwagon.