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Green Room – $-Dot & Tuk Da Gat

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Mayne my boys Tuk and S. Dot done did it again. Green Room is here and if you in the scene you know we all been waiting on this one for a minute. Two of Austin’s premier lyricists out of the League of Extraordinary Gz, these 2 go back and forth flippin verbs like superman flippin a car with his super powers.

After another successful SXSW, the Austin collective has began dropping solo heat, still skatin from the major release by the League of Extraordinary Gz #LeagueShit last year. For this release they’ve added DSR, Dream Sequence Records to the mix along with DJ Burn One out tha ATL. DSR is master minded by the amazingly talented Eric Dingus, who is truly creating the sound that you will hear take over rap in upcoming years.
Green Room has some great features spread throughout it, including Scotty ATL, Gangsta Boo, Max Frost and, Greezo. Amazing production from Eric Dingus, DJ Burn One, and Reggie Coby make for a smooth ride through the ATX smokin the best you can get your hands on.

I really love this rap comin out the ATX lately, the production, lyrics and quality are really holding it down here in Texas in my eyes and I think this a cd that up and coming rappers should check out to see how to do it right.


You can purchase this album on iTunes and other online locations.

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