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FMBO – Cap’n Kirk

ATX is steady killin it right now. There is a huge rumble from the underground comin out that central Texas and Optimo Radio got its finger on the pulse. FMBO is the latest installment from intergalactic time traveler Cap’n Kirk of the SubKulture Patriots, he’s beamed himself into a solo realm and is traveling at warp speed to a pair of titties near you.

FMBO, For Mixed Breeds Only, is Kirks heart and soul. He’s been working on this album tirelessly for months, if not a couple of years to make sure the sound was perfect and it was the representation of himself that he would be proud of. And he should be nothing less. This album is extremely solid, with sick production, quality mastering and of course, dope ass lyrics.

Some stand outs on the album include, BBO ft. Duck LaRusso, Dead Brain and Hustle Wars ft. $. and DoWrong of the LOEGz. That BBO got me so live when i first heard it in the ride this Sunday, I had to roll all my windows down and replay it 3 times as I cruised around the town I currently reside in. Got to make sure the locals feel that hard core Texas shit.

Cap’n Kirk, one of the brightest stars in the Austin scene, really did a great job of putting together a superb album. When you’re a music connoisseur, you look for little things like, the way someone laid the tracks out on the album, or you look for a theme, a relationship between the songs. FMBO really does a good job of being a complete album. You turn it on, with expectations, they are exceeded, and the result is you are a satisfied music consumer.
You can stream the album here, and you can even download it for free. But there is an option to name your price. It definitely is worth paying for. Unlike most music these days. This is art. And art should be appreciated and respected. Beam them hoes up Cap’n…. Beam em up.

– Ram