Wax On (Official Video) – Cory Kendrix x DJ Anna Love : Optimo Radio

Wax On (Official Video) – Cory Kendrix x DJ Anna Love

Back in August I moved my ass to Denver and shortly after my good buddy outta Austin, Cory Kendrix reppin the LNS Crew hit me up and was like yo, im bout to move my ass to Denver too, lets do somethin! I had been havin the idea to start some #DabMusic type thing and Cory emailed me a track, it was like everything was falling in to place perfectly.

WAX ON, was the single he sent me. I turned it on and instantly was like, this is the sound I’m talking about. Its like we were on the same page. I had to hit him back and express how perfect this song was for what I had in mind and we had to make it the single on our #DabMusicVol1 album that you can get for free clicking on the album cover just to the left of this paragraph.

Fast forward a month or so later, Tha Real Chino, Sertified and GO DJ Knowledge took a trip out to the Mile High city and linked up with us. While we were dabbin’ we decided to go ahead and make an official video for this track, because hey, who doensn’t love a fat dab!?!?

We had a lil dab party, got some great rigs in there. Thanks to all who came through to sesh with us. The video turned out great. Check it out here and share it with your fellow dabheads.

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