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Roosh Williams – Unorthodox


Our good friend Roosh Williams is truly killing the Houston scene right now. This man is hard working, respectful, and great at not only making the right moves, but the right music. Unorthodox is a 11 track album in which Roosh has grown exponentially, lyrically and as a person. You can hear it in his lyrics, you can hear it in his tone. He’s done playing with ya’ll and is here to make his mark.

The hit single, Deep End features non other than the most legendary Houstonian to grace the microphone, Mr Mr Scarface on that ass, helping to make a solid song, and music video. Which is currently the video of the week here on; make sure to click that link and check it out!!

Roosh is very smart and meticulous when creating his art, which i genuinely appreciate, because it allows for thinking outside of the box. His other video, the title track, Unorthodox, was defintiely that. A Mortal Komkat inspired video featured Roosh battling himself, and left us anticipating, which Roosh would win?!

Very proud of my homie, make sure to see Roosh Williams live at our Optimo Radio 5th Anniversary Official SXSW Showcase March 21st at Red 7 in Austin Tx. Get the new album Unorthodox, support your local artists, cuz you know…. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive