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Dab Music Vol. 1 – Download Now

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Optimo Radio has relocated to Denver to work in the marijuana industry and we never planned on stoppin bringin ya that Real Azz Musik. We teamed up with Austin MC Cory Kendrix of the LNS Crew out here and got real dabbed out. Then our homie Top Flight DJ Tha Real Chino came out here and did some dabs with us and we decided to make a tape.

Dab Music Vol. 1 is the first of it’s kind mix, all songs related to dabbin’. (If you’re unfamiliar with dabs, its a concentrated form of marijuana smoked on a bong with nail that is heated called a rig. If smoking a blunt is like drinking a beer, doing a dab is like taking a shot of Everclear.) It’s become very popular among the marijuana community the past few years and Optimo Radio is putting a soundtrack to movement. With hits from Juicy J, Berner, Devin the Dude, and an arsenal of Texas rappers speaking on the subject, Dab Music Vol. 1 is the must have album for those who love to dab. We’ve also included some parody style interludes remixing popular songs into dab songs. No one has done anything like this before.

Free download link for our listeners across the globe to get dabbed out on this #DabMusicVol1

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