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Big Pup – MYLE

mlyeMYLE, My Life Yo Entertainment, the brand new album by Ridgemont’s Big Pup. The Underground Hog has done it once again, and I am a firm believer this is his finest work to date. It’s really refreshing to catch an artist really hitting his prime and honing his craft into some legendary Screwston classics. The only thing that needs to happen is, THE REST OF YALL MUTHAFUCKAZ NEED TO GET WITH IT!!!! If you’re sick of the same ol same ol and you want to be like, mannnn HTOWN BITCH!!!! Then put this new album in your deck man.

Pup takes an all star cast of Texas legends like ESG, K-Rino, Dougie D, Cl’Che’, Kidricc James and so much more…

Big Pup solidifies what Underground Rap represents, honor, respect, and staying true to the G Code. He is truly a dying breed in a rap scene being overrun by sissy men in leopard skin tight pants. With hits like, You Know It ft. ESG, Deception ft. K-Rino, Mike Hustle, & Cl’Che’ and the title track, My Life Yo Entertainment. This album is a start to finish banger with every track having its own appeal and flavor. The tracks flow together well as you progress through the album. Its raw, gritty, real, and straight up real, exactly what Optimo Radio represents.

Support the homie Pup and get the album online or Holla at Big Pup directly and get the hard copy in ya hands. 

Big Pup – MYLE –

Catch Big Pup Live on Optimo Radio this Tuesday at 9pm CST. Peace to the whole PUD Ent. Support Real Rap!!! #IfItAintLocalItAintLive

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