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Doughbeezy – Bumpin’

Brand new visuals from tha Southeast Beast, Doughbeezy. Holdin’ it down for the H, it’s safe to say theres not really anyone else grindin like Dough in 2014 out here. The man is everywhere you need to be, plus everywhere people be askin him to show up, and I know how much energy and time that takes and its nothin but respect for that hustle.

Couple months in to his latest album, Footprints On The Moon , and the whole city been bumpin it, only right it’s time to hit em with the new single, Bumpin’.

Directed by: Greg Noire & Danny Ocean of Evesborough Films, the video is gritty and raw, lettin ya’ll know how it goes down if ya’ll don’t buy these damn albums!! Make sure to support the homie Doughbeezy and the whole Headwreckaz crew, they are definitely setting the bar in the city at the moment.

Lookout for Doughbeezy #LiveFromTheUnderground tonight with Ram and Athena right here on Optimo Radio. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive

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