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Transparent – Pyrexx

Books & Covers become “Transparent” for Pyrexx

Review by @Noonston

The spiritual transformation of the artist known as Pyrexx, is a well documented one. Last year it might have seemed that the embattled MC was heading for the worst. After posting some disturbing videos to his Instagram and Facebook pages late last year. Many fans began to wonder if Pyrexx was spiraling out of control.  Their speculations may have been confirmed when the tattoo’d MC found himself back in the Harris County jail.

Instantly the “Free Pyrexx” movement had begun… again. Benefits for his release were organized, his TBZ Gang made sure his name wasn’t forgotten, yet some had grown tired of Pyrexx antics. Many presuming he was a lost cause, not worth the effort of emotional investment. Was this a guy that had used up all his second and third chances up? Could anyone have faith in Pyrexx again?

Faith would ultimately be the answer to those questions. Upon his release from jail more Instagram videos hit the web. This time with Pyrexx making the claim that he had come to God and would never again come to jail. Something we’ve heard before from people in times of deep dispair. So what would this mean for Pyrexx? A complete disowning of his gangsta ways? A complete abandonment of the streets that bread him? Would he dissolve friendships with people that looked just like him in search of better influences?

Well those answers wouldn’t be found in the form of words, even though the rapid fire MC uses those words as a means of making a living. No, it seemed Pyrexx transformation was real. Pyrexx would find a spiritual mentors in the likes of Tre’ 9. His music began to tell the tale of a man who had seen it all, but was just now beginning to see himself.  His influence spread to his Through Bread counterparts and the man known for rocking some of Houston’s grimiest clubs was now rocking church crowds. Even taking on a 9-5 job using the back muscles that had already carried so much weight.

Which leads us to his latest video “Transparent”. Since signing to christian rap label Rapture Records, Pyrexx has stayed consistent in his message and behavior. Affecting change with in his crew, being a cornerstone in the life of his adorning son Jo Jo and providing many troubled soles with a soundtrack for triumph.

Does this mean that everyones turned the paged on Pyrexx? Does it mean that Pyrexx is no longer judged on exterior alone? Does it mean that he’s no longer seen a lost cause? Perhaps not, but that doesn’t detour him from his mission. Consistently releasing music that balances personal struggle and collective accomplishment, without sacrificing his spiritual or street credibility.

“Transparent” definitely Pyrexx most soulful effort is a video that takes us inside his home, studio and job. Following him on his day to day activities. Highlighting the relationships he holds dear and the work ethic that separates him from his lyrical counterparts. There’s a real authenticity to Pyrexx, a true establishment of self purpose. A sort of light that shines thru transparently from behind the black ink of his dark tattoo’s.

It would seem that Pyrexx is staying true to his mission. Sharing his story of multiple trials and tribulations, without being preachy or going over your head. Authentic in his words, message and actions. “Transparent” is a video that truly helps illuminate the enigma that is Pyrexx. In a world that does judge books by covers, it’s great to see this young man turn the page. Funny thing about change is, no matter how fast you make them, the world will always be a fews steps behind in noticing. We just hope when the world does see Pyrexx for the person he is, they see him transparently. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive