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KB Da Mixbreed – Hard Times (Video Review by Noon)

KB Da Mixbreed pushes on despite “Hard Times”

“Hard Times” may be an understatement in light of recent turmoil for Alvin Tx.  MC KB Da Mixbreed. A true journey men in Houston’s underground dating back to his features with Dope House Record alumni. Recently he’s worked with pro-skateboarding legend Chris Gentry’s Pro Ridaz Ent. While also functioning as an MC in local hip-rock hybrid The Population. Sound good right? Not so fast… Unfortunately things took a turn for the worst. Finding himself in the confines of the Texas State Correctional Department.

After serving out the remaining time on his pervious parole sentence, the Mixbreed was released free to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Eager to return to form, the Alvin native found his world rocked yet again. Just a days removed from his release, he was hit with the news that his father had suddenly passed away. A man admired by not only the son he raised, but also by all of KB’s childhood friends and people in the community. Emotional a time as it may have been and still continues to be. KB manifest that energy into the gritty yet introspective “Hard Times”.

   “I stayed on my grind thru the hard times/

  headed towards intelligence, stuck with a smart mind/

  Influenced by the music, stuck to it like tar pine/

  it’s a full time job I ain’t in it part time”

You get a gist of exactly where your going when you here those words open the chorus. KB shoulders these hard times, literally under the ground carrying the weight of the street. Covered in ash and fumes from the yard to the shop. A true testament to those working two hustles hoping to return home safe from both.

KB doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Now uncaged the aggressive MC has been on a steady work schedule. Already preparing his newest video release and the completion of two mixtapes. Follow KB Da Mixbreed on Facebook by name and be on the look for his Rap N Roll project. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive

– @Noonston