RIP HAWK : Optimo Radio


Its been 8 years since we lost the 5 Star General of the SUC. Big HAWK is remembered by all as a great person and an amazing rapper. He was truly loved by all that knew him personally and through his music. He was able to touch people across the globe with his gift of gab, and to ease the pain of his loss, we celebrate the memory of his life, and how he reached us all.

No matter your relationship with the man, you could feel the love he possessed for people. In a world so cold, the best way to honor his memory is to live how he showed us to. If we could only all be as real as tha H A Dub K….. Just imagine what we could do. Thank you HAWK for being someone to look up to and respect as not only a rapper, but as a human being.

We will honor HAWKs memory on his birthday and today, May 1st the day we lost him. Tune in to Optimo Radio 11am-4pm and make sure to swing by Screwed Up Records & Tapes to buy some Screw tapes with that Big HAWK wreckin on em. 3538 W Fuqua Houston, Tx 77045 713-434-2888


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