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Doughbeezy – SXSW Recap

By @Noonston

Lesson’s in the art of Grind

It never seems to surprise when the Southeast Beast releases new material. The guys kind of made a name for himself optimizing his own work ethic and hustle. So should we be surprised that even a month after SXSW the silver tongued mc still seems to make the most out his own experiences??? No we shouldn’t be surprised at all, after all this is what this guy does.

Before Doughbeezy left Houston for his favorite city to perform in, Austin Tx. He took to twitter making the claim that this year he would prove he was the “hardest working artist in Texas”. Headwrecka director Lil Justin just so happens to provide us with video evidence sure enough to hold up in court. Running a gamut of live shows, interviews, meet n greets and networking events. Always giving his all to each performance, supplying his fans with a swisher during the show and free merchandise after the show.

Doughbeezy is right in the middle of an impressive run. His newest project “Footprints On The Moon” is being herald as one of the years best new releases. His features continue to shine and the self driven mc still leads the way in merchandising and self promotion. Optimo Radio is particularly proud to see the Southeast Beast continue the momentum he’s worked so hard to build. Doughbeezy is definitely an artist that understands #IfitAintLocalItAintLive.