SouthSide SouthWest – Optimo Radio Mixtape

#SouthSideSouthWest the brand new mix from Optimo Radio is a classic H-Town mix chopped up by Screwed Up Records & Tapes own, DJ Red. Our other mix, Live From #SXSW just released, we wanted to provide a mix of the classics that we play as well so people who are just finding out about Optimo Radio can find out what they’re in store for.

We play tons of classic Houston rap as well as all the best of the latest, a lot of this music was so underground its new to most people. Not only is it jammin, we deserve to know our true H-Town history and we at Optimo Radio aim to make sure the people who really laid the foundation for Houston are given their respect where it’s due.

Make sure to pick up this mix, it features up and coming MC, Seano Phresh freestyling with Optimo Ram over a classic Woss Ness beat. Red acts a fool and make sure to holla at DJ Red to get your personal mix done too.

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