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T2 The Ghetto Hippie – Damn

My boy T2 The Ghetto Hippie is growing up. The brand new video, Damn, produced by Trakksounds and directed by B. Luce and the Cloud Riders, is a real like journey of what its like growing up inside the loop in Houston, Tx. I remember meeting T2 a few years ago while he was in college and he had just put out the video, In The Sun, and I told him thats what it reminded me of the parties I used to go to when I was bout 21.

This video reminds me of what it was like in my like when I was 24.

This hard look into life and how drugs destroy a man, really hit hard. The apartments they filmed this out of are some I know well, and did a lot of partying in. The scenario I know well, I lived it, and I have been through exactly what happens in this video. This video was so well done, so relate-able, so hard hitting close to home for me, I can’t even front, I shed a real tear at the end man. Lol, I ain’t even joking. For a video to make me react in such a way, is just a testament to what real lyrics, QUALITY music video with solid story line and editing can do to people. This is ART, this is Audio Art.

I’m really proud of T2, he’s going through life and he’s sharing it with you. He ain’t bragging about how cool he is. He taking you on his journey through life…. And that is what rap is about.


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