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U-Neek – Fuck Love


The Hongree Mobstress U-Neek drops her first solo album on Valentine’s day, aptly named…. Fuck Love. The hard core femcee does not hold back who she is on the microphone. As a good friend I know she is one of the realest, sweetest people there is, but if you fuck her over…. you done fucked up!!

The 14 track album released on Feb 14th, was mostly produced by the amazingly talented Spiktakula of Hongree Records, who is a musical genius in his own right. Be on the look out for his solo album coming soon as well. This year Hongree is focusing on their solo projects and I smell something cooking in the Hongree kitchen with the whole crew next year, hopefully!!

Hongree Records is really one of the few TRULY talented crews. From Big Gerb being the personality he is, to Spik’s production to U-Neek’s hardcore stance holding it down the females and Yung Surreal givin ya that gangsta shit, you can not ask for more from a Texas rap group. And on top of that, there style is so dope they can feel is from the east to the west to the across the globe too. Like U-Neek says, “You could learn a lot, if you would just shut the fuck up and listen.”

U-Neek doesn’t disappoint on this album, she is a great story teller and her shit talkin’ is among the best. Fellas I guarantee you been lookin to listen to a woman rap like this, and my gangsta ladies been dyin to hear a female like this to rep for them. I love this cd, some stand out tracks are Sally, Oh Daddy, and Curtains Closed. With the help of the Hongree Records crew this is a solid cd and definitely worth downloading.

We got the link below so make sure to pick it up and support U-Neek and Hongree Records. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive

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