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Frankie G Da Mex “Beautiful” Review

By Noon

Wake up call!!! The time for sleep is over and it looks likes Houston is waking up to the sounds Frankie G Da Mex. Houston, a city that serves as a gateway to latin America has produced some of hip-hop’s finest latin talent i.e. SPM, Grimm, Rasheed, Low G, Baby Bash and more. The past few years have ushered in a new generation of latin rapper. Leading the way are artist like GT Garza, Screwed Up Essay and Young G.

Well the time has come to add another name to that list and that name is Frankie G Da Mex. The Denver Harbor & I-10 Ent. representative has long been making his case, but it seems that this is the moment in time when his message is finally catching on. After his 2011 Houston Press Music Award nomination for Best Latin Artist, the MC was ready for take off. He entered the cockpit, he took the controls, he flew the plane, but he never seemed to find a successful place to land.

Well 2014 has seen the run way clear and the sounds of Frankie G Da Mex are touching down all over Houston. After the success of his recent video “Shut This Bitch Down”, Frankie G has flown through the turbulence for yet another “Beautiful” landing. Continuing his fascination with fatal attractions, he brings a us video low on rap performance and high on visual stimulation. Frankie displays his brown pride in black and white, while images of lustful desire fill the screen. The smoke that clouds his vision also clouds each frame as his passion for dangerous women burns throughout.

Its only January and Frankie G Da Mex has already made himself not just one of Houston’s most productive latin rappers, but one of it’s most productive artist period. Continuing his work with director David Nguyen and reuniting with producer Scooppa of 713fm Studio’s.  It seems after years of weathering the storm this an artist with a “Beautiful” forecast ahead of him.

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Produced by Scooppa @713fm