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RIP Esbe – Forever On Your Neck, Ass & Elbows


Its been 3 years since we lost one of Austin’s biggest and brightest stars, Esbe Da 6th St Bully. About 2 weeks before he passed, I had interviewed Esbe for the upcoming League Radio show that we were in the beginning phases of starting, and halfway thru the interview I saw that it wasn’t recording and I said to myself, no big deal, we’ll be talking to him every week. Then I got the call. I was at a wedding and my heart sunk to the floor. We just lost one of the most talented artists I had listened to since starting the radio, and the only interview we had with him was never recorded.

I vowed 2 things. To never let this happen again, which of course it has a couple of times… but more importantly that I would make sure that everyone I had the chance to play music for knew who Esbe Da 6th St Bully was. And here we are, two years later, and we’re still puttin it on they neck, ass, and elbows.

RIP To the Bully and RIP to our homie Tiny, who we lost this year too.

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