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Dem Dayum Twinz – Interview w/ Conflict


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So, how did y’all start with music? What was the first experience that you remember?D.D.T.
We been doin it since I can remember.. pops was really into music.. he used to plug in tha ol lead or base guitar to tha amp at home n let us fukk wit it some.. me n Dcipher at about 12 y/o used to write to instrumentals n see who would come up wit the dopest verse..
We started T.I.C, The Inner Chambers in the early 90s wit our longtime homie Taijon Da Lunatic James, aka Lunaralli and eventually recorded an album in 97-98 called “Born in the Chamber”, which featured 4 songs that got radio play… Music always been a part of our lives..
We used to drive moms crazy when we was like 2, bangin on pots n pans on tha kitchen floor too! Lol does that count??
I know y’all call Detroit and Houston Home, at different times. Where are y’all originally from? And who would you consider to be your influences?
Originally we are from whats called the DMV…DC Maryland and Virginia .. Which we still claim as our original stompin grounds… we have hadinfluences from all around for our whole lives including family members who were musicians and we have always been influenced by hip hop ever since the beginnin… Run DMC Doug E fresh and Slick Rick Public Enemy and on down the line. We were living on the East Coast when all there was was East Coast hip hop.. We left there And ended up on the west coast in California And got to witness the birth of “gangsta rap” while we were there… Ice T, Too Short NWA etc .. after that we move down south to Houston where the again there was no rap or hip hop scene until we arrived, and again got to witness the birth of a new hip hop era with the South Park
coalition. There was no spotlighted Houston hip hop then, only underground and we became fans of SPC immediately…. it was good to be able to witness the timeline of hip hop from east coast to west finally down south as it occurred… that’s why our influences and flavor and styles come from all parts of hip hop we have an up close intimate connection with all facets of the music
So you already knew Hip Hop was what you were going to do?D.D.T.
We were in it before we even knew it hip hop head become us at such an early age it was just natural to start writing songs just for the entertainment of it wanting to perform in front of our friends and family it is what we got happiness from how we express ourselves… and at such a young age the passion with all natural and not motivated by money, attention, fame, ETC.
We always been comfortable and confident with it
What are some of your best experiences that you’ve had with this, so far?
I think a lot of our favorite experiences have come from people and artist we’ve gotten to work with such as k RINO and the whole Spc… We have opened up shows For artists like Juvenile and the hot boys Street military and BAM 8 ball and MJG Scarface South Park Mexican Too short little Troy little O the list goes on and on we have had the pleasure of being around some real Artist who have been relevant in the hip hop game for years And we have been influenced in our own way by each one of them…. We have gained what we consider to be close family members by people and artist we have done work with and it has been a pleasure to learn and grow with a family of real artist who have done real pain in this game
Who haven’t you worked with that you’d like to?
I would like to put in some work with the Grit Boyz .. Really relate to their music and their grind..  I also would like to put something together with doughbeezy the southeast beast and also propane .. outside of the South I would like to work with a couple of artist from Detroit: Moe Dirdee ..and Seven the General ..
Where can we find DEM DAYUM TWINZ’S music? And what projects are in the works and in the future?
D.D.T. ….
ALSO search…DANNY BLUNT “I Dont Give a Shit About a Mixtape” we feature on that as well as other projects with Blunt …or…..jus GOOGLE US BIOTCH!!!
PROJECTS: Workin on SPC2G album….also an 8 song EP undergroud hiphop collab ..also a Prosody Productions compilation (from my Detroit production company)….and finally DemDayumTwinz debut album “The Great Polarity”Conflict
Hell yeah! Gotta keep busy! Do you have any advice, agitations, or acknowledgements that y’all would like to give out?
Advice to all aspiring and young artist..keep doin what youre doin..just be TRUE and AUTHENTIC  to you. Dont be afraid to be different that artist who is proud to be sitting alone on that branch by himself …and stay doin it for the love and passion as your main ingredients to why you do this… We tired of commercial artist or Gimmick Rappers catchin on to the latest fad..and are only in the game for lame shallow n selfish reasons …
.. acknowledgment and respect due to all artists who keep it real true and authentic no matter what ..We do it for the underground. Big ups and shout outs to all the fans to support us and this underground movement we have to keep the breath of life pumping through the blood veins of hip hop… and we get to do that through you thank you for the support and let’s keep BIGGIN up this underground… Special shouts out and nuff respect due to ALL our H-town family .. Especially SPC South Park Coalition and SPC2G the 2nd Generation ….
And also to my Detroit fam Prosody Productions .. Cant forget our family over in DC Maryland and Virginia.. The DMV, where it all started.. Always nothin but love and respect


As always, I appreciate the time.
And for everyone else, don’t forget to check out Dem Dayum Twinz at the many shows they do! You can find them all over Houston! Check out the links and find out why they are 2 of the hottest artists out there that you NEED to know!!