R.I.P. : Optimo Radio

Happy Birthday DJ Screw


Happy G-Day to the originator himself DJ Screw. Tune N 2 Optimo Radio For a 48 Hour Mix of nothin but the best of DJ Screw. Join us Sunday night at Warehouse Live For the DJ Screw concert ft the whole SUC. It really starts at 9pm so get there early!! Tune N Now www.OptimoRadio.com IPhone http://tiny.cc/iphoneoptimo Android http://tiny.cc/androidoptimo   Sunday Night at Warehouse Live!!! Its Goin Down. You never seen a show like this!!



Its been 8 years since we lost the 5 Star General of the SUC. Big HAWK is remembered by all as a great person and an amazing rapper. He was truly loved by all that knew him personally and through his music. He was able to touch people across the globe with his gift of gab, and to ease the pain of his loss, we celebrate the memory of his life, and how he reached us all. No matter your relationship with the man, you could feel the love he possessed for people. In a world so cold, the best way to honor his memory is to live how he showed us to. If we…

RIP A.C. Chill


The legendary AC Chill of the South Park Coalition passed away Dec. 14 2005. 8 years later, we still honor his memory. AC left us with some great rhymes that helped solidify the importance of the SPC in Houston history. The first crew, the hardest crew out the H. The SPC hold strong to AC’s memories, memorializing him in song and in album artwork. At 8pm tonight we pay tribute to AC Chill on Optimo Radio. So make sure to tune in and feel the real. RIP AC Chill

Pimp C & Fat Pat Tribute All Day


Dec 4th is #FatPat bday and the day we lost #PimpC. Tune in to #OptimoRadio for an all day tribute to two of our brightest stars. Www.OptimoRadio.com #IfItAintLocalItAintLive #RIPPimpC #RIPFatPat Listen on your android with our own app http://tiny.cc/optimoandroid or you can get the TuneIn app for iPhones

11-16-13 DJ Screw 24 Hour Tribute Mix


Today marks 13 years since we lost the originator, DJ Screw. Here at Optimo Radio we represent the real, and are playing 24 hours of actual DJ Screw mixes. The best of the best we hand picked out these mixes and freestyles for Screws true fans to hear and celebrate the life that he led. Screw taught us so much more than how to slow down a record, he taught us how to show love and keep it real. He taught us that soliders can unite for da cash, he showed us that one man can truly change the world. The whole world is Screwed up and Optimo Radio’s worldwide audience is proof that DJ…

#ScrewMondays – All Day DJ Screw

dj screw we miss you

Make sure to tune in every Monday 9am-9pm and jam nothin’ but that Screw. #ScrewMondays on Optimo Radio play all the classic Screw tapes hand crafted by Screw himself, which are available at the original Screwed  Up Records & Tapes now located at 3538 W Fuqua 77045. Visit their website www.ScrewedUpRecords.com to order Screws from across the globe. Thanks to DJ Screw for Screwin up the world, we are honored to help keep Screw’s music alive n bangin’ here on Optimo Radio. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive #Fool Listen on our website www.OptimoRadio and use our pop out player. You can also listen on our Official Optimo Radio Android App or with TuneIn app

R.I.P. Mama Wes


Sad news from the UGK camp, Pimp C’s mother, Mama Wes has passed away this morning. She had been in intensive care the last few days in a SE Texas hospital, and while details are yet to come in, we are all mourning the loss of a woman who stood strong and proud when she lost her son, and my personal favorite rapper, Pimp C, back in 2007. Our prayers are with the Butler family and all those close to her. If you have never heard My Angel, by Pimp C, it was a song he made dedicated to his mother. Make sure to give it a play in honor of them. RIP Mama Wes…

Classic Wednesday Pick of the Week – Too Much Trouble – Bringin’ Hell On Earth

too much trouble

  Too Much Trouble, aka The Baby Geto Boys group, we’re a lesser known group from the Rap-A-Lot days, but despite having the game groups like the Geto Boys recieved, they still managed to make their mark in Underground history. Their first release, Bringin’ Hell On Earth is held in high regard in the Underground collectors catalogs. Released in 1992, Too Much Trouble is made up of Drunk-D, Bar-None, DJ Bad News Black and Ghetto M.C. who passed away June 14th 2013 from kidney failure. To pay tribute to the passing of Ghetto MC we are playing this CD in its entirety today on Optimo Radio. I can guarantee that this is the only radio station to ever…